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Photoelectric Direct Reading Valve Gas Meter
Measuring Grade: Class 2
Specification: 1.6S  2.5S 2.5S
Product Detail


Measuring Grade: Class 2

Specification: 1.6S 2.5S 2.5S

System Composition

Direct reading gas meter: Valve-controlled direct reading gas meter and non-valve-controlled direct reading gas meter. The display value of the mechanical counter is directly converted to the electronic reading of the same value, and transmitted to the collector, so that the system can get real-time gas meter reading.

Collector: Provide controllable working power to the direct reading gas meter of the subordinate, and relay the information.

Concentrator: Through the collector, read and store the data of each gas meter and transmit real-time operation commands.

Management Center: Processing and storing the data collected by the whole system, and providing functions of query and printing. The main equipment is computer, management software, printer and so on.

Management System Function

Cost management: Cost statistics, queries, backups, statements, bills generation.

Community management: Setting up the parameters of the community.

User management: manage and control the amount of each household and settlement methods.

Transaction log: Reservation and query of system working condition.

Hierarchical management: Different management operators and their authority can be set.

Real-time meter reading: Real-time reading of the current data and status of any meter.

Auto-calibration: The time of the device in the system is automatically corrected when the meter is read regularly.

Data retention: The system can query historical data.

User information can be inquired by number, address, name, telephone and other information.

The monthly consumption of users is counted and the amount is calculated.

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