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Bluetooth water meter
Measuring Grade: Class 2
Contour Size (mm): DN15:165×86×110        DN20:195×86×110       DN25:225×86×110
Electric Source: 3.6V lithium battery
Quiescent current: 〈0.6uA
Working Water Temperature: Cold water meter:0-40℃  Hot water meter: ≤90℃
Valve form: ball valve
Shell Material: Polymer Alloy, Copper
Product Detail


Measuring Grade: Class 2

Contour Size (mm): DN15:165×86×110



Electric Source: 3.6V lithium battery

Quiescent current: 0.6uA

Working Water TemperatureCold water meter0-40℃

Hot water meter ≤90℃

Valve form: ball valve

Shell Material: Polymer Alloy, Copper

Technical performance

1. Mobile meter reading and automatic transmission. Water meter information is automatically uploaded to detect abnormalities in time.

2. Mobile phone water purchase, Wechat payment, real-time account arrival.

3. Simple installation, convenient management and cloud service system.

4. Stepped water price, prepaid function and reminder function.

5. Low power consumption, power monitoring, protection level IP68.

Intelligent Function

1. Bluetooth communication: It can connect with the mobile phone with Bluetooth interface, and complete the recharge of the meter through the APP terminal of the mobile phone.

2. Step charging: water price can be set up with the amount of water as the settlement unit and recharged according to the amount.

3. Ladder settings: Bluetooth water meter support year, half a year, quarter, month four settlement cycle selection, users can set according to actual needs. Supports 3-step water price and 1 set of standby tariffs.

4. Minimum Consumption Settings: Selection of Minimum Consumption Settings for Support Year, Half Year, Quarterly and Monthly. Users can set them according to actual needs. Minimum consumption standards may be set according to water quantity or amount.

5. Voltage alarm: Support two-stage voltage point alarm. When connected to Bluetooth water meter cell phone APP, the APP interface can see the real-time battery status of the meter.

6. Valve management: Valve maintenance once every 15 days. When connected to the mobile phone APP, the APP interface can see the real-time valve status of the meter.

7. Balance query: After connecting to mobile app, you can see the remaining amount of the current form on the mobile app interface.

8. Filling records: Open the APP interface and click the "User Information" button to browse and query the history of filling records and user-related information.

9. Historical usage: Open the APP interface and click on the "Equipment Information" button, you can browse and query the historical water quantity of the water meter, see the water usage of each cycle in the ladder cycle, and query the relevant information of the meter.

10. Device binding: The same mobile phone can bind multiple Bluetooth water meters, and recharge and query them. The same Bluetooth water meter can be bound to different mobile phones.

11. Communication distance; Communication distance reference value, open distance 80 meters; Communication distance about 20 meters after general wall block; Underground surface well cover (metal) block, need mobile phone close to the well cover.

12. Power supply mode: power supply voltage 3.6V, an ER18505M power lithium battery, can support six years of use.

13. The application can be upgraded by connecting the Bluetooth data transmission unit, namely the Bluetooth DTU, to complete the timed upload of tables data. Bluetooth DTU downlink transmission for Bluetooth communication, upstream can choose GPRS or NBIoT, no need to connect 220V city power, no need to construct wiring.

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