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Electronic RF Card water meter
Measuring Grade: Class 2
Contour Size (mm): DN15: 165×88×115(180)    DN20: 195×88×115(180)
Electric Source: 3.6V lithium battery
Product Detail


Measuring Grade: Class 2

Contour Size (mm): DN15: 165×88×115(180)         

DN20: 195×88×115(180)

Electric Source: 3.6V lithium battery

System composition and working principle

This product conforms to the national standard GB/T 778-2007 "Measuring the water flow in closed full pipeline for drinking cold water meter and hot water meter". It adopts non-contact magnetic sensor technology to sample and measure. It has the characteristics of low start-up, wide range and high precision. It can be used in large enterprises for civil energy management, water supply companies, residential property management companies and data acquisition and measurement units. Electronic water meter is composed of shell, impeller metering mechanism and electronic counter. The water meter impeller metering mechanism is submerged in water, and the electronic counter is isolated from the water. In the impeller metering mechanism, the rotor-type straight-plate impeller is used as the flow measurement sensor. Water flows through the impeller box and generates multiple streams of flow impacting the impeller, which makes the impeller rotate. The speed of the impeller is proportional to the flow velocity. Then the impeller rotation frequency is transformed into a pulse signal through the magnetic sensor. The electronic counter indicates the cumulative flow through the cumulative pulse signal.

Intelligent Function

1. Separate structure design, no mechanical counting device, small starting flow, wide range, high precision;

2. Ultra-low power design, guaranteed to use for more than six years;

3. With remote M-BUS communication function, the baud rate is 2400 bps, the transmission distance is less than 1200 m; CJ/T 188 protocol or customer requirement protocol

4. Data Storage: Store the last 36 months of historical data; With power-down monitoring circuit, the current data can be stored immediately when power-off, to prevent data loss.

5. High protection level: IP68

6. LCD: Display instantaneous flow rate (/h), cumulative flow rate (), water temperature (°C), cumulative effective running time (h), specifications, etc.

7. Query: The table is equipped with magnetic wake-up query.

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