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LoRa Wireless Remote water meter
Measuring Grade: Class 2
Contour Size (mm): DN15:165×86×110  DN20:195×86×110  DN25:225×86×110
Electric Source: 3.6V lithium battery/110V-220V AC
Nominal Pressure: ≤1.0MPa
Transmission distance: 5000米
Shell: Waterproof Shell
Product Detail


Measuring Grade: Class 2

Contour Size (mm):DN15:165×86×110



Electric Source: 3.6V lithium battery

Transmission distance:5000m

Shell: Waterproof Shell


Electric Source: 110V-220V AC

Frequency: 475-495KHz

System Composition and Working Principle

The system consists of wireless water meter, GPRS wireless concentrator and data center (computer and management software).

System Model: Control Valve and Uncontrolled Valve

Working principle:

1. Data center sends instructions to water meter through mobile communication network and GPRS concentrator. Data center receives water meter data through GPRS network of concentrator.

2. The handset sends out instructions to transmit data instructions and valve action instructions to the water meter, and the data is downloaded from the handset through the data line.

Intelligent Function

1. Electronic Sampling Measurement

Pulse metering module uses double-reed tube to collect metering pulses of water meter. Each group of effective pulses represents 0.1 tons.

2. Battery under voltage indication

The water meter uses 3.6V lithium-argon battery, and periodically detects the battery voltage. When the battery voltage is below 3V, there is an under voltage indication. When reading the meter, the under voltage information can be read.

3. Valve Control Function

The valve can open and close the valve according to the instruction of opening and closing issued by the system.

In the case of magnetic interference, close the valve and open the valve after returning to normal. When reading a meter, the number of interference can be read.

4. When reading the meter, you can read the valve's switch state and the valve is out of order.

5. Valve automatic cleaning function

Water meter valves are automatically switched on and off periodically to maintain valve sensitivity.

6. Wireless built-in, not easy to break.

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