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NB-IoT Wireless water meter (DN50-500)
Measuring Grade: Class 2
Product Detail


Measuring Grade: Class 2

System Composition and Working Principle

NB-IOT remote direct reading water meter is connected with Internet of Things through NB-IOT narrowband honeycomb Internet of Things. It realizes automatic remote reading of water meter, effectively avoids door-to-door reading of water meter by management department, and has valve control function (optional). It is convenient for management to control the water situation of water meter. It makes remote reading and control more convenient and reliable, and saves manpower and material. At the same time, it effectively improves the production efficiency, especially suitable for installation in the environment where wiring is difficult and sparsely populated.

Intelligent Function

1. Ultra-long life battery combination: standard 26500+SPC1520 pulse composite battery capacitor combination power supply ensures six years of use without replacement.

2. Built-in/external antenna: support built-in/external antenna, signal stability and reliability, achieve full coverage, no blind area. Long-distance networking, there will be no longer distance restrictions

3. Pulse or direct reading sampling can be selected.

4. Flexible setting of upload frequency: data upload cycle can be set to meet different user management needs.

5. Protection level IP68: Protection level IP68, adapting to various complex environments.

6. The design of replaceable battery structure. The battery box adopts independent replaceable design without opening the upper cover of the main body. It is convenient to replace.

7. BS architecture is adopted in the system: browser can log in without installing client.

8. Water meter has built-in operator's special network card, and the product has NB-IOT flow cost of no less than 6 years' operation period.

9. Long-distance reading: periodically, regularly and actively report and count readings.

10. Remote valve control: remote valve closing and opening.

11. Each water meter communicates directly with the server through NB-IoT of China Telecom or narrowband Internet of Things communication mode of China Mobile (optional) to complete data upload, query and setup functions.

12. Water meter has alarm functions of low voltage, magnetic interference, abnormal valve, etc.

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