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Rapid development of IoT brings the bright future in NB-IoT intelligent water meter

Issuing time:2019-05-31 14:57

Nowadays, the concept of the Internet of Things has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. It is based on the core technology of big data analysis, new generation of IoT transmission, and helps families, enterprises and governments to achieve a comprehensive collection, transmission and analysis of terminal equipment data.

NB-IoT, also known as narrowband Internet of Things, is a key access technology in the field of IoT. Compared with wireless IoT technology, it has the advantages of low power consumption, large capacity, high stability and deep coverage. It is widely used in intelligent meter reading, intelligent parking, intelligent logistics and other fields.

Take NB-IoT intelligent water meter as an example. With the development of NB-IoT , the traditional water industry has been affected by it and many problems of its own. The water industry has attracted much attention in the wisdom change.

As a terminal data acquisition equipment, water meters connect thousands of households. In order to collect data, the most primitive method is the meter reader's door-to-door meter reading and statistical data. With the development of society, there are many drawbacks, such as low efficiency, high labor cost, error-prone recording data, difficult maintenance and management, etc.

So GPRS remote meter reading came into being, which is more advanced, more efficient and safer than manual meter reading technology. But it also has shortcomings, leading to the failure to promote large-scale, such as communication base station user capacity is small, high power consumption, poor signal and so on.

The remote meter reading based on NB-IoT technology solves this problem well. It inherits the function of GPRS and has huge capacity. The user capacity of the same base station is 10 times that of the former. It has lower power consumption, and the standby time of the NB-IoT terminal module can be more than ten years under the same operating environment. New Technology signal coverage Stronger (covering indoor and basement) etc.

With the maturity and perfection of flow measurement, network communication, automatic control, GIS geographic information, micro-power supply, cloud computing and other technologies, NB-IoT intelligent water meter has become a hot spot and inevitable development of intelligent water market.

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