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Farewell to "yellow muddy water"! Free installation of tap water to poor households in Wuhua!

Issuing time:2020-04-03 10:43

Farewell to "yellow muddy water"! Free installation of tap water to poor households in Wuhua!

Wuhua news the day before yesterday

Wuhua news the day before yesterday


Rural drinking water is related to thousands of households and is the most basic demand for people's livelihood. Since 2016, our county has started the construction of water supply project in villages and accelerated the solution to the drinking water problem of the whole county's rural population, especially in poor villages and poor households. Now, these problems are gradually being solved, so that more villagers can use water to say goodbye to "yellow mud water", drink healthy water and rest assured.

Came to Hedong town and people's village, when the reporter and the villagers talked about the situation of domestic water, the villagers compared to this night, feeling thousands of. Before the opening of tap water in villages, villagers still need to pick up water from wells and rivers to drink their daily drinking water. Even in this way, the water quality is not guaranteed, which brings various inconveniences to villagers' daily life.



Poor households in hemin Village: before, they used to draw water from wells and buckets. Before, the water was turbid after rain. Before, the turbid water looked terrible


Xie Pengfei, the person in charge of water supply in the villages of hemin Village: before, the water they picked up from the well and the lip of the river could not be drunk. It could only be used to water the vegetables. It could not be drunk at all. It could not be washed either. Every new year's festival, they had to pick up water. When they needed water, they didn't use it. They couldn't drink the tap water connected to the village.

When we walked into the house of villagers in hemin village, they were very happy to take us into the kitchen. The village water supply project not only let them say goodbye to the day of carrying water, but also greatly guaranteed the water quality. The smile on the villagers' faces made the reporters realize their true happiness.



Poor households in hemin Village: the tap water they drink is very clear now, and it's reassuring to drink tea.


Xie Pengfei, the person in charge of water supply in the villages and villages of hemin Village: now after the connection, drinking water has been solved, so there is no need to carry water again, and the drinking water is also guaranteed for the body (Health)

The same story happened in the villages of my county. Reporters in Shuanghua town Aiyu village, Huacheng tielu village and Qiling Huangfu village learned that after the opening of the village water project in our county, the villagers immediately used the village water, which is safe and convenient. The villagers are full of praise.



Villagers of tielu village, Huacheng Town: since the tap water, the water source is good, the water quality is good, and the water flow is large.

At present, 29 centralized water supply projects and 14 "single village water supply" projects in our county have been basically completed and gradually started to supply water. In particular, 92 provincial poverty-stricken villages will realize the centralized water supply from the water source point to the administrative village by the end of 2019, and install the tap water to the poor households for free, so that they can drink clean and assured tap water.


Poor households in Aiyu village, Shuanghua Town: in the past, they used to use water without water, and drank muddy water. In the evening, they often bathed without (cold) water, which (only hot water) caused scalding. Now they can use any new (self-made) water, which is clean and clean


Poor households in Huangfu village, Qiling Town: before the tap water was installed, they did not make a hand-held well by themselves. The water was shaken to drink (water). It is sure that the tap water is more convenient. Now the government is so good that it helps me to install tap water for free.

This is Huacheng water plant, one of the three major projects of water supply for villages in the county. The water plant has been officially opened before the Spring Festival in 2019, providing 38 administrative villages (including 11 poverty-stricken villages determined by the province) in three towns, namely Huacheng Town, zhuanshui town and tanxia Town, with more than 200000 people with high-quality self supplied water.


It is not only the most invested and largest scale water supply project in the whole city, but also an important measure for our county to implement the water supply project in villages and get through the "last kilometer" of water safety for poor households. It is understood that in recent years, in the decisive battle of poverty alleviation, our county has focused on the safety assurance and weak links of rural drinking water, and made every effort to solve the drinking water safety problems of the poor households in 92 poverty-stricken villages,At present, the drinking water safety of poverty-stricken households with filing cards in the county has reached the standard; on this basis, 459 natural villages with more than 20 households in 92 provincial poverty-stricken villages in the county have basically achieved centralized water supply, and it is planned to achieve full coverage by 2020, and the drinking water safety of the whole county's rural population has reached the standard, and the rural water supply project water fee collection mechanism will be basically established; by 2025, the natural villages in the county will be centralized The water supply is fully covered.

Editor: Li Shan

Reviewed by: Chen Wei


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