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NB-IoT RF Card Water Meter

Measuring Grade: 2
Q3/Q1(R): 100,125,160
Dimension (mm): DN15:165×95×115(180)   DN20: 195×95×115(180) DN25: 225×95×115(180)
Power: 3.6V Lithium Battery
Static Current: <20μA
Valve Type: Ball Valve
Housing: Bronze or Polymer Alloy
Product Detail

NB Communication

1.NB-IoT water meter, based on narrow band internet of things technology.

2.Power: 26500+SPC1520 type battery, external installed for easily replacing.

3.Low power   consumption,   lifespan of battery is more than 6 years.

4.Uploads data on the lock time once a dayset on software platform.

5.Uploads data by manual activating out of the lock time.   

6.Communication Contents: Accumulating amount of water consumed, remaining balance,

voltage of battery, valve status(open or close), interfere by magnetic and it’s times, control

valve , prepaying credit.

RF Card Functions

1.Prepaying credit by RF card.

2.Early Warning: When the remaining balance reach 2¥(set according to user's   requirement),

the valve promptly closes, reminding users to buy water as soon as possible; at this time,

the valve can be opened by sweeping the RF card.

3.Cleaning valve for moving smoothly by closing and opening valve automatically once a

month or twice a month.

4.Low-power Warning: When the power is insufficient, the LCD displays it, prompting repla-

cement of battery timely.

5.Close Valve when Low-power: If the battery is not replaced in time after low-power warning,

the valve will close and will open after replacing battery.

6.Checking Readings: It will display the remaining balance and the accumulating amount of

water consumed, price, etc. when sweeping RF card.

7.Anti-plugging Function: The program automatically cleans the valve(by closing and opening)

once a month to avoid valve plugging.

8.Stepped Pricing:3 steps price monthly. Return to first step at the beginning of every month.

9.Self-service charging terminal: It is available for easy to charge nearby and at all day time.

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