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Contact Card Single Phase meter

Dimension (mm): 168mm×110mm×62mm
IC Card Type: Contact card
Product Detail


Measuring Grade: Class 1,Class 2

Contour Size (mm): 168mm×110mm×62mm

Calibration current: 5(30)A 10(40)A 15)60A 20)80A

Reference frequency: 50Hz

Meter constant: 3200 - 800 imp / kWh

IC Card Form: Contact Card

Functional characteristics

1. Power metering: record and display total consumptionpower, remaining balance.

2. Prepayment function:

a) Adopt cryptographic IC card. One meteronecard,no interchangeable.

b) The user’s newly purchased electricityquantity and remaining balance in meter can be accumulated.

c) When the remaining balance is less than 20kWh, the warning light on the up-right is on red to remind user to purchaseelectricity. When the remaining electricity is 0 kWh, the electric energy metershall cut automatically and the power is cut off, the warning light on theup-right changes from red to on red to blinking red until insert (sweep) ICcard with purchasing electricity quantity.

3 Monitoring function:

a) Power-on self testing function, the userinsert (sweep) IC card, and the LED shall show the information after the cardis read by the ammeter.

b) The power is automatically cut off whenload continuously surpass the functional rated value, and the power can berecovered after inserting (sweeping) IC card.

4. Electricity larceny prevention function:Adopt thecombination of two-way power metering integrate circuit and electricity larcenyprevention cover.

5. Write back function:Write backthe total consumption of electric quantity, remaining balance, over load times,and the information to the IC Card for the convenience of management.

6. Dataprotection:Apply overall solid integrate circuittechnology for data protection, so no battery is needed, and data can be remain kept for 10 years after theelectricity is cut off.

7. One-card design:It reaches theone-card management for eight kinds of meters such as: water meter, ammeter,gas meter, heat meter, etc., and the maximum quantity for each kind of metercan reach 7.

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