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Valve Controlled NB-IoT Vertical Water Meter

Measuring Grade: 2
Q3/Q1(R): 100,125,160
Dimension (mm): DN15:100×146×195 DN20:100×146×110 DN25:150×171×131
Power: 3.6V Lithium Battery (ER26500+SPC120)
Static Current: <20μA
Valve Type: Ball Valve
Housing: Bronze or Polymer Alloy
Product Detail


1NarrowBand of Internet Things technology applied.

2Low power consumption, lifispan of battery is more than 6 years.

3Water meter transmits data on the regular time once a dayset on software platform.

4Water meter transmits data by manual activating out of the regular transmitting time.

5Communication contents: accumulating amount of water consumed(for valve controlled and prepayment type also remaining balance) , voltage of battery,valve status(open or close),interfere by magnetic and it’s times, orders for opening or closing valve.

6Cleaning valve for moving smoothly by closing and opening valve automatically once amonth or twice a month.

7Antenna internal installed to protect from damaging.   

8For non-magnetic sensor type, water meter can distinguishes directions of water flowing, and metering amount of water consumed by plus or minus.

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