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RF Card Water Meter (DN50-DN300)

Measuring Grade: 1
Q3/Q1(R): 80,200
Power: 3.6V Lithium Battery
Static Current: 10µA
Pressure Loss: ≤1.0MPa
Product Detail


1. Using large-capacity chips to reduce peripheral   circuits has high reliability and low failure rate.

2. Low power consumption for valve, valve opening and closing smoothly, high reliability, long lifespan.

3. Double ways display, displaying in   two ways of register and LCD, higher reliability and safety.

Intelligent Functions

1. Auto-Control: Opening valve when with credit, closing valve when without credit.

2. Encryption Security: One card matches one meter by automatically generating a password when first sweeping card on meter.

3. Anti-magnetic Interference: When magnetic interference occurs, the valve closes automatically ,and opens automatically after sweeping the card.

4. Early Warning: When the remaining balance is 20-50m³ (set on software according to user's requirements), the valve is promptly closed, reminding users to buy water as soon as possible; at this time, sweeping RF card to open the valve for consuming water.

5. Low-power Warning: When power is insufficient, the LCD displaying insufficient, prompting timely replacement of battery.

6. Low power closing valve: If the battery is not replaced in time after low power warning, the valve will close until battery replaced.

7. LCD Display: LCD displays accumulating amount of water consumed, remaining balance, valve status(open or close), power status, fault code and other information.

8. Checking Readings : The LCD is usually turn off, sweeping user’s card for displaying the data as “7”.

9. Data Write-back: Writing back the data to software like “7” by user’s card, which is convenient for management.

10. Anti-Clogging Function: Intelligent program automatically cleans the valve to avoid the valve clogging.

11. Management Cards: Checking card, setting card are used for management.

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