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RF Card Single Phase meter

Dimension (mm): 180mm×117mm×67mm(Hanging hook)
IC Card Type: RF Card
Product Detail


Measuring Grade: Class 1,Class 2

Contour Size (mm): 180mm×117mm×67mm(Hanging hook)

Rated voltage: 220V

Calibration current: 5(30)A 10(40)A 15)60A 20)80A

Reference frequency: 50Hz

Meter constant: 3200 - 1600 imp / kWh

Installation Dimension: 160mm x 117mm

Weight: 1 kg

IC Card Form: RF Card

Functional characteristics

1. Electric energy metering function: recording and displaying the accumulative number of electric energy used.

2. Prepaid power function:

a) Using encrypted IC card to realize one table and one card.

b) b) Users can accumulate the new electricity purchased and the remaining electricity in the meter. Users can purchase 999 kilowatt-hour electricity at most once. When the accumulated remaining electricity is greater than 999.9 degrees, users can not write the electricity in the user card into the meter. The LED of the meter shows "Err4", and can continue to write power only after some of the electricity is used.

C) When the remaining available electricity in the watt-hour meter is less than 20 kWh, the alarm light on the upper right is red to remind users to buy electricity. When the remaining available electricity in the watt-hour meter is 0 kWh, the watt-hour meter automatically disconnects and stops power supply. The alarm light on the upper right side changes from bright red to bright red until the watt-hour card with effective power is inserted.

3. Monitoring function:

a) Power-on self-check function. The user inserts the card into the card holder (or swipes the card). After the watt-hour meter reads the card, the LED will display all kinds of information.

b) When the power load continuously exceeds the fixed value of the function, the power supply can be restored automatically by inserting (brushing) IC card.

4. Anti-theft function: The combination of bidirectional energy metering integrated circuit and anti-theft end cap is adopted.

5. Write-back function: the accumulated electricity consumption, residual electricity, overload times and common information in the table are written back to IC card, which is convenient for the power department to manage through the power sale system.

6. Data protection: Data protection uses all-solid-state integrated circuit technology, without using batteries, data can be stored for more than 10 years after power failure.

7. One-card design: it can realize one-card management of water meter, electricity meter and gas meter.

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