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RF card gas meter

Measuring Grade: Class 2
Static Current: 5μA
Valve Type: > 10000 times
Product Detail


Measuring Grade: Class 2

Maximum record: 9999.99m³

Power supply: 4.5-6V 5 alkaline battery.

Battery life: 2 years

Static Current: <5uA

Valve durability: > 10000 times

Performance characteristics

1. This product is suitable for: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other high-heat gas;

2. The product has good flow curve, high sensitivity, stable repeat-ability test performance and accurate measurement.

3. Batteries are external, and general alkaline batteries No. 5 are used to facilitate user replacement.

4. Fully sealed, multi-moisture-proof treatment, fully sealed circuit part, suitable for stable work in humid environment.

5. Using large-capacity chips to reduce peripheral circuits has high reliability and low failure rate.

6. Double display, double display of wheel and LCD, higher reliability and safety.

Intelligent Function

1. Auto-switch: charging, opening and using gas, valving without value, automatically switching on and off valves; pre-charging, no need to enter the home meter reading, charging.

2. Encryption security: One table (one household) and one card automatically generate and identify IC card passwords, which correspond to each other and are not interchangeable.

3. Anti-magnetic interference: When magnetic interference occurs, the valve closes automatically and opens automatically after swiping the card.

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