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Photoelectric Reading Water Meter(Electromechanical separation)

Measuring Grade: 2
Q3/Q1(R): 100,125,160
Dimension (mm): DN15: 165×92×125  DN20:195×92×125
Housing: Iron or Bronze
Product Detail

System Instruction

1.Long-distance Photoelectric Direct Reading Systemis consists of photoelectric direct reading water meter, collector,concentrator and software platform.

2.Two types of meters are available, with valve and without valve.

3.During reading data, the photoelectric reading unit reads the mechanical register, and transmits the data through collector to concentrator. The data is stored in concentrator, and sent to software platform according to the orders from software platform.

4.Collector: It connects meter and concentrator. One collector is with 4 ports, and every port connects 64 meters through general wire, that means every collector connects 256 meters.

5.Concentrator: It is with 4 ports connecting 4 collectors, that means every concentrator connects 1024 meters through collector. The concentrator storages the data and communicates with software platform by cell phone net.

6.Software PlatformManaging Center:Processing and storing the data collected by the system.

7.Direct Reading Communication Mode:

     1RS485 with DC12V voltage ,4-core wire. 2M-BUS with DC36V voltage,   2-core wire.

8.Photoelectric Direct Reading Mode: When the photoelectric direct reading unit receives the order, LED reads the mechanical digital on the register, the photoelectric direct reading unit converts the mechanical digital to electronic digital, and sends to the concentrator through collector at the same time.

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