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Community Card Management Software
Product Detail

Scope of application

This software is aimed at the management of IC card pre-fee table in residential quarters, organs, enterprises and institutions. This software can realize the management of cold water meter, hot water meter, reclaimed water meter, direct drinking water meter, electricity meter, gas meter, heat meter and other multi-meter card. It can realize the card management of up to 8 kinds of tables and up to 7 kinds of tables with 56 tables.

This software is suitable for large communities, residential districts, real estate developers, organs, enterprises and institutions. Users can choose network version or stand-alone version according to their own needs.

Main Function

l Software for the network version, can be charged online.

l System settings

l IC card user management

l Table Equipment Management

l Inquiry statistics

l Statement statistics

l Management card production

l Backup of database

l Design and upgrade according to user needs

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