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Wireless Electronic Water Meter(Valve Controlled)

Measuring Grade: 2
Q3/Q1(R): 100,125,160
Dimension (mm): DN15: 165×88×115(180)     DN20: 195×88×115(180)
Power: 3.6V Lithium Battery
Static Current: <20μA
Valve Type: Ball Valve
Housing: Bronze or Polymer Alloy
Product Detail


1.The system consists of Lora(or Lorawan) wireless water meter, gateway and software platform.

2.Communication between gateway and software platform: GPRS.

3.Communication between gateway and Meters: Lora(or Lorawan) wireless technology.

4.Lora(or Lorawan) transmission distance: 5000m.

5.Lora(or Lorawan) frequency: 475-495 MHz or 915-928 MHz.

6.Gateway Power :AC110V-220V.


1.Electronic pulse sensor is for metering water flow, every pulse means 0.1m³of water consumed.

2.The meter actively transmits the data to the gateway every 0.5m³of water consumed and every 4 hours, the data including accumulated amount of water consumed, the voltage of battery, and valve status if meter with valve.

3. The meter turns on wireless communication to receive the order from the gateway every 8 seconds, and turns off in 3 milliseconds if without order coming.

4. For valve controlled water meter, the valve shall be opened and closed actively every 15 days to clean the surface of valve to prevent the valve from locking.

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