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Long-distance Reading RF Card Water Meter

Measuring Grade: 2
Dimension (mm): DN15:165*86*114    DN20:195*86*114  DN25:225*86*114
Power: 4V DC Adaptor
Temperature: 0-40℃   or  ≤100℃
Valve Type: Ball Valve
Housing: Polymer Alloy
Electronic unit of measurement: 1 L
Pressure Loss: ≤1.0MPa
IC Card Type: RF Card
Product Detail


1. Open the valve when placing RF card on the meter, and close the valve when taking away the RF card. Consumption is deducted from the card. The unit of deduction is the liter or the corresponding currency value.

2. LCD displaying: Usually displays the accumulated amount of water consumed in the meter. When sweeping the card, displays the accumulated amount of water and the remaining balance this   card.

3. Time-limited function: In order to prevent water waste caused by forgetting to pick up the card, it has time-limited function. When the valve opening time exceeds the time limit, the valve automatically closes. It needs to remove the card for 3 seconds and place on meter again to use water continuously.

4. Early warning function: When the remaining balance is less than the set amount of early warning, the water meter will show "recharge please", and buzz every 3 seconds.

5. Anti-magnetic interference: When magnetic interference occurs, the valve closes automatically. After eliminating magnetic interference, the valve opens by sweeping the card.

6. Valve closes automatically when power off.

7. Moisture-proof and waterproof: multiple moisture-proof and sealing treatment, suitable for use in watering and immersion.

9. Solenoid valve closing time is short, reducing wastes water.

10. Daily consumption limited : the valve closes when consumed amount of water reaching the limited amount, the card can not be used again on the day.

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