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RF Card Vertical Water Meter

Measuring Grade: 2
Q3/Q1(R): 100,125,160
Dimension (mm): DN15: 100x146x110  DN20: 100x146x110  DN25: 150x171x131
Power: 3.6V Lithium Battery
Static Current: 10µA
Valve Type: Ball Valve
Housing: Bronze
Product Detail


1. Battery is external installed for easily replacing.

2. Fully sealed, multi-moisture-proof and waterproof treatment, suitable for working in immersed and water logged environment.

3. With large-capacity chips to reduce the peripheral circuit for high reliability and low failure.

4.High-quality valves, stronger liability, long service life.

5. Two displaying, mode displaying readings both on register and LCD, higher reliability.

6. High precision, high sensitivity. Accuracy(error) and sensitivity (starting flow) are higher level compared with the ISO standard.

7. New materials used for housing: polymer alloy is used, also suitable to industrial power transmission gears, with high strength (through 3MPa water pressure tested and 20m high-altitude drop test), good toughness (resistance to falling and freezing), weather resistance, high temperature resistance (resistance to boiling water), low temperature resistance, light weight, non-metal corrosion,anti-mildew, more corresponding with environmental protection and hygiene safety, compared with iron or bronze, is better as housing material.

8. Low Power Consumption: The static working current is 0-5uA and the battery life is long.

Intelligent Function

1.Auto-Control: Opening valve with credit and closing valve without credit , no need to check readings on the site for charging.

2.Encryption Security: One meter matches one card by automatically generating a password when sweeping card at first time.

3.Anti-magnetic Interference: When magnetic interference occurs, the valve closes   and opens automatically after sweeping the user’s card when magnetic interference eliminate.

4. Early Warning: When the remaining balance reach 2¥(set according to user's requirement), the valve promptly closes, reminding users to buy water as soon as possible; at this time, the valve can be opened by sweeping the RF card.

5.Over Consumption: When the remaining balance reaches the over consumption limit the valve will close once again. Users need recharge to open valve. If the over consumption limit set as 0 which means the meter is without over consumption function, at this situation the valve will close automatically when the remaining balance is 0.

6.Max.amount of water purchased: The meter refuses reading RF card when remaining balance plus amount of water new purchased is more than the max. amount of water purchased.

7.Low-power Warning: When the power is insufficient, the LCD displays it, prompting replacement of battery timely.

8. Close Valve when Low-power: If the battery is not replaced in time after low-power warning, the valve will close and will open after replacing battery.

9. LCD Display: LCD displays the amount of water total consumed, remaining balance,valve status, power status, fault code and other information.

10. Checking Readings: It will display the remaining balance and the accumulating amount of water consumed, price, etc. when sweeping RF card.

11. Anti-plugging Function: The program automatically cleans the valve (by closing and opening)   once a month to avoid valve plugging.

12. Data Write-back: User’s card can write back all the data from water meter to management system, data such as remaining balance, accumulating amount of water consumed, last 12 moths accumulating amount of water consumed, working states, etc., which is convenient for management.

13. Management Cards: Setting card, clearing card, time setting card and checking card are provided for setting parameters, checking readings and maintenance meters.

14. Stepped Pricing:3 steps price monthly. Return to first step at the beginning of every month.

15. Self-Service Charging Terminal: Is available for easy to charge nearby and at all day time.

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