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IC Card Meter Industry Management Software
Product Detail

Main uses

This software is aimed at the management of single IC card precharge table of water company, pipeline gas company and electric power company. In addition to completing the registration of IC card table users, user archiving, charging, sales query, suspicious user query, report statistics and bill printing, the software also adds the required management procedures according to the operation process and management needs of water, electricity and gas industries, so as to make the IC card table charge management and integrated operation management unified platform for easy operation.

This software is suitable for large and medium-sized water companies, pipeline gas companies and power companies.

Main Function

l The software is a web version and can be charged online.

l System settings

l IC card user management

l Table Equipment Management

l Inquiry statistics

l Statement statistics

l Management card production

l Backup of database

l Other: Design and upgrade according to user needs

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